A Peek Behind The Curtain

Let us begin this with this as a definition of acting (hover and click)' Now let us look at the acting world from a different world. A bit of reality so to speak. Take a gander and cut your eyes to the far left side of the stage. Do you see the frantic movement of jazz hands as the unseen thespian practices his moves just out of eye site. If you do know where to sit and get a glimpse of the petal off the rose, the underbelly of the theater or should we call it, the simply "reality of acting". Oh yes a giggle slips from your lips as you catch an unsuspecting actress reach up under her dress to get the wedgie out from between her backside. The plucking of nose hairs so the stage lighting will not reflect such an unsightly scene. These are the untold stories of the acting world. We the audience, oblivious to such antics and while in the moment of a stupendous performance don't want to bother with such silliness. It might just detract from our present enjoyment of the majesty be acted out before our eyes. Don't fret my little dears, your at home now, safe and sound looking zombishly at your tablet. No you don't mind these little behind the scene tidbits now.. do you? No I didn't think so. Why do you think at the bottom of every web page you have visited in the last hour, there is a 4 row wide 8 column deep package of thumbnails that are getting you to click on " Superstar Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong"... "10 Top Actresses with Real Boobs".... well tell me the truth, I could go on with that list for hours. No need, you all know what I be speakin'. Once click the slow slow upload of the site, the frantic search on how to get on with the list without being sucked down some advertising webhole never to return to your FB page until your puter has been rebooted from its frozen Hollywood Dark Side Site. That you so bravely clicked.... More, More and More to come my chickadees Andrew